For over 25 years, Good Shepherd Games has been providing enterainment to children of all ages.

Wheather you revel in the excitemet and thrill of cheering on you favorite turtle, the skill and concentration of the darts and crossbows, come for the bounty of the fishing well, or just plain enjoy some quality time with your loved ones, we are pleased to serve you and your families.

Do you recognize these games? Bowl a Troll, Village Ring Toss, Castle Siege, Heart Darts, Hunter's Darts, Fruit of the Spirit, Choke the Demon, Feed the Sheep, Save the Sheep, Free the Unicorn, Wake the Fool, Slay the Dragon, Fish Pond, Ye Olde Fishing Well, Marble Maze, Planet ball, Virtues and Vises, Seven Deadly Sins Crossbows, Drake's Darts, Walk of Life, Treasures of the Castle, Ye Olde Carousel Ride, Center of the Universe Earth Darts, and Turtle Races. Most of you faire brats played them while growing up at the faire!